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'stars on canvas charity auction


julie-anne gilburt & cameron ross in conjunction with whoopsadaisy charity held an exciting exhibition titled 'stars on canvas' at the julie-anne gilburt open studio on brighton seafront. the exhibition was open to the public for one week in november 2006.

the exhibition featured a collection of paintings by julie-anne gilburt and cameron ross show casing their talents, along side a large number of 20cm by 20cm canvas that have been created by an exciting range of well known personalities including fatboy slim, zoe ball, barbara windsor, harry enfield, bill bailey and bands like franz ferdinand and the kooks.

these amazing canvases have been doodled with a marker pens, scribbled with biros, spray painted graffiti style and painted with water colour paints, some canvas's have been treated as serious pieces of art, others tongue-in-cheek masterpieces.

these 'works of art' were auctioned off both at the gallery and on the www.starsauctions.com all money raised was donated to disabled children's charity whoopsadaisy www.whoopsadaisy.org.

If you would like more information on cameron ross please visit www.cameronross.info.

celebrities involved include Norman Cook, The Kooks, Michael Campbell, Carol Barnes, David Smith, Mike Mendoza, Alvin Martin, Adrian Durham, David Courtney, David Van Day, Cheeky Girls, Barry McGuigan, Marcella Whittingdale, Dora Bryan OBE, Frank Maloney, Phil Tufnell, Barbara Windsor, Michael Watson, Franz Ferdinand, Carol Cleaveland, Stephen John Kalinich, Patsy Palmer, Chris Ellison, Anna Quayle, Francis Matthews, Edward Enfield, Bill Bailey, Ian Botham, James Whale, Anthony Marriott, Nick Moran, Charlie Baldwin, Andrew Rankin, Stephen Warbeck, Andy Vella, Tom Cotcher, Nick Schlee, Rachel Spring, Ray Russell, Brian Capron, Karen Eubank, Ray Houghton, Harry Enfield, Philip Dunn.

anthea turner's perfect housewife on bbc three

julie-anne joined anthea turner for two days to be turned from a messy artist into a domestic housewife, much to the amusement of her friends and family.

julie-anne was invited by anthea on to her program 'perfect housewife' and spent two weeks being filmed for the popular bbc three program.

julie-anne beat the other contestant and was crowned the title perfect housewife, then went straight back to her easel !


barbara windsor visit


barbara windsor made an impromptu visit to julie-anne's gallery whilst visiting brighton for the gay pride march this year.

julie-anne persuaded barbara to take a break from her busy day and enjoy a painting session with her.

the resulting masterpiece was sold in a charity auction in november 2006 to help raise money for a local children's charity.

'mike tyson portrait charity auction

julie-anne's most challenging portrait so far has to be that of the world champion boxer mike tyson. mike had been visiting the area to support various charities when julie-anne decided to capture this great one time champ on canvas.

mike was pleased with the result and the painting was eventually auctioned off at a boxing evening gala where the money raised went to the local charity "whoopsadaisy".


'release of fatboy slim the greatest hits album


the new fatboy slim album is to be released on 19th June. the artwork for the album cover, created by julie-anne, is that of the infamous 'fatboy' from the second album "You've come a long way baby". julie-anne painted this cover for the greatest hits album depicting an 'angelic' fatboy with wings.

several images were created for this project, including a full frontal nude and the cheeky chap lounging on a chaise longue. these images were created for the inside of the cd, and also appear on the official fatboy slim website.

have a look at the fatboy slim section where all the work from the creative process (including bonus images) are available for viewing and purchase.

'joint exhibition with chris ellison

local actor/artist, chris ellison, made household name by appearing as burnside in the popular tv programme the bill, is holding a joint exhibition with julie-anne at her open studio.

chris' work, contrasting against the backdrop of julie-anne's abstract land & seascape pieces, infuses an interesting atmosphere, capturing the eccentricity of brighton's local character, whilst maintaining a calm space of openness.


'michael watson commission


julie-anne has been asked to create a commission by michael watson mbe, former commonwealth middleweight champion.

watson collapsed in the final round of a wbo super-middleweight title fight, against chris eubank. he spent 40 days in a coma and had brain surgery six times. to this day he still does not have the full use of the left side of his body, and yet has recently completed the london marathon course, 26.2 miles over six days, winning him the bbc's helen rollason award for courage and achievement in the face of adversity.

the painting was inspired by micheal's favourite photo taken just before the infamous fight in september 1991.

'michelle gayle commission

michelle gayle visited the gallery for a photo shoot with julie-anne. as a result julie-anne did three portraits of michelle which are now on permanent display in her gallery.
michelle is still perhaps most familiar to the public as her old eastenders character "hattie", or even for her earlier appearances on grange hill but has more recently been recognised for her performance on stage as a singer


'phil tufnell joint exhibition


affectionately known throughout the cricketing world as ‘the cat’, former england cricketer, phil tufnell, has entertained many television and sporting crowds over the years.

having always had a keen interest in art phil has recently been creating his own work and is now exhibiting at julie-anne's open studio.

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